Natural horsemanship training for horse and rider.

Why use natural horsemanship training?

When we work with our horses using natural horsemanship our main objective is to build a relationship with respect and understanding from both sides through clear lines of communication.

To do this the training is firm but fair with no forceful equipment such as harsh bits, draw rains e.c.t. or brute force from the trainer. These forceful methods do not inspire our horses to work with us but against us often resulting in incorrect muscular development, injury, behavioural problems, fear and aggression or simply for our horses to switch off becoming dull and unresponsive.

However, if we can create a partnership with our horses through respect and understanding, whilst always having an eye to there physical and mental wellbeing, we can develop a horse that is co-operative and willing and fun to be with!

Once we have a horses mind working with us the body will follow and there are no limits to the possibilities for you and your horse. 

 Services Natural Horses offers -

  • Groundwork - teaching and training

  • Ridden work - teaching and training

  • Pehabilitation - in preparation for starting

  • Starting

  • Rehabilitation - from injury, illness, incorrect muscular development and conformational inhibitors.

  • Rider biomechanics, alignment and seat mapping.

  • Horse - saddle - rider assessment 

  • Equi-fit rider fitness program                                   
  • Private Clinics



I have 25 years of experience in the equine industry and hold a BSc (Hons) Equine sports science. I have also studied on the Intelligent horsemanship and Parelli programs. 

I have also completed a CPD course on Horse - saddle - rider analysis.