Natural Horses is run by myself, Kerry Brighty. I have been involved in the equine industry in some way or another for the past 25 years. I started my education on an eventing and hunting yard through which I dealt with many different types of horse and quickly became fascinated by their many and varied horseanalitys. After many years of working with, owning and compeating my own horses I attended Lincoln University where I gained a BSc (Honours) degree in Equine Sports Science. I then when on to train with Kelly Marks, founder of Intelligent Horsemanship (Monty Roberts) and also study and train using Parelli Natural horsemanship. 

Teaming this with my love of Dressage, I went on to study both the Classical and Modern masters to develop groundwork and ridden training to be able to provide exercise proscriptions to enhance and develop the horse through the scales of training. 

I have recently completed CPD training in Horse -Saddle- Rider analysis to be able to work with the these 3 elements more successfully when we consider them as 1 unit and I am currently studying for the full accredited course which will see me qualified as a Horse,Saddle,Rider performance practitioner in 2020.  

Through Natural Horses I aim to provide the best possible advice and training for both horses and riders of any level in both English and Western disciplines using natural horsemanship to build a foundation of Care, Communication and Confidence from which anything is possible.