Case studys


This beautiful girl has to be one of my favourites and has always shown the upmost bravery and trust. 

Faith was rescued from a field in a terrible state when she was only 6 months old. Emaciated and weak, this poor girl was trampled by the other horses in the herd as rescuers tried to get food to them all. 

When brought to the rescuers yard, she was still to weak to stand and it wasn't thought that she would last the night...…. but Faith had other ideas!! Little by little this brave little mare got slowly stronger and stronger and under the close and watchful eye of her owner, she blossomed into the beautiful mare we see today. 

I was lucky enough to be called upon to help Faith in the next chapter of her life and we started her preparation for her starting. Faith took everything in her stride and teamed with her fabulous willing attitude, she sailed through her starting and continuing ridden work with out a hitch. She even became a firm favourite with my own daughter, for whom she never put a foot wrong.

 Then the time came to help Faith find her forever home. Once again luck was on her side and she went to live with in a wonderful home with a whole herd of new playmates who happened to belong to a student of mine!!

 She remains healthy, happy and loving her life...…. and I still get to see her!! Bonus!!!