Here at Natural Horses I aim to provide the very best Natural horsemanship advice and training for both horses and riders. 

Groundwork and ridden lessons.

Helping to build and improve your training and riding, what ever level you may be working at. Each lesson is specifically tailored to you and your horse and to your specific requirements.

Prehabilitation, Starting and Rehabilitation

When starting a young horse or pony's ridden career, what we must keep in mind is that the horse's body was not and is not designed to carry a rider and as such the failure to prepare the horse's mind and body to be able to cope with this task can result in injury, both short and long term, improper gait and muscle development and behavioural issues.
Skilled prehab and starting takes time! Attempting to produce an unstarted, undeveloped horse or pony in a matter of a few weeks is unethical, unhealthy and asking for trouble and injury.
My Prehab, Starting and Rehab programs are all individually tailored to the horses requirements, taken steadily and at that horses pace. I do not use the array of modern gadgets and gismos that force and hold the horse in a false outline and prevent them from expression, instead I opt for the correct exercise prescription, both on the ground and ridden, to produce a well balanced horse that is able to carry itself, and its rider, correctly with suppleness and relaxation.
During all of these programs I will work alongside your own equine physical health practitioners and saddle fitters or I will enlist the practices of my own trusted and highly regarded team of professionals to do any checks or work deemed necessary.
Due to my light weight and stature I am able to offer the starting and training of many ponies. Thanks to my training in dressage, biomechanics and fitness I am an extremely balanced, supple and supportive rider which I find to be essential as an adult riding ponies. Extra care is taken to assess the size, age, build, breed and maturity of the pony to ensure they are ready and able to cope with a riders weight. All ponies are started and produced with specialist care and attention given to physical health, including back and joint health.