Natural Horses

I first contacted Kerry to help me start my young pony. I felt quite daunted and my confidence was very low at the thought of starting a 4 year old after semi retiring my amazing pony at the age of 20 years old. I thought at the time that I would just back her and sell her and give up riding.

Anyway, 3 years later, my pony has had a very thorough training both one the ground and transferred to the saddle. My riding position is better than it has ever been and Kerry has done wonders for my confidence...…… the pony didn't get sold and somehow I ended up with another one!

I bought Faith on Kerry's advice, Kerry had spent a year starting her and bringing her on and thought she would suit me. She has done an excellent job of training her and I got a lovely calm, confident, well rounded pony.

As Faith was being ridden in a Barefoot saddle I continued with this when she came to me. After expressing to Kerry that, although the saddle fitted Faith very well, I felt insecure in it and never quite correctly balanced. With the use of her seat mapping, we were able to see that the lack of twist in the Barefoot saddle was hindering my seat balance. We explored other options and she helped me choose a saddle that not only fits my pony beautifully but also fits me and I'm much happier riding in.   

In the last 4 years, since Kerry has been coming, I have ridden in all paces and hacked alone, I never thought I would be able to have enough confidence to do this again. Kerry is an excellent teacher and trainer and I would have no hesitation in recommending her.

K. O'Connor, Lincolnshire. 

Kerry has been working with me and my horse Wren for nearly 9 months now and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Whilst I’ve had horses for many years, I realised after getting an ex-racer that I needed a more natural approach to re-training him. We started by introducing him to in-hand groundwork sessions which really helped develop trust and a strong bond very quickly. Our lessons were always very interesting, and it was nice to discuss the standard approach of schooling youngsters with a more natural path.

My horse took to it well after initially testing the boundaries and we both enjoyed our sessions which started to be half groundwork and half ridden. Wren was very stiff and unbalanced given his previous career, so we just took things slowly and gave him chance to develop.

Unfortunately, we discovered he had fairly bad Kissing Spines which we were totally devastated by. With the help of Kerry, my vet and physiotherapist we put together a rehabilitation plan as I did not want to go down the road of having surgery. I now work him in hand 5-6 days a week with regular lessons and Kerry always leaves me with lesson plans, so I have a schedule to work by.

Regular checks by the vet and physiotherapist have noted significant and positive developments in my horse’s way of going, suppleness and soundness and my goal is to work towards riding him again come the summer. After the diagnosis this seemed like a complete write off and I was resigning myself to him just being a pet.

Whatever your situation I think Kerry would be a great instructor; whether it be for gaining confidence with a new horse, training a youngster, rehabilitating a horse with injury or simply improving your horse’s way of going in a natural way without the use of force and gadgets.

L. Dobbie, Lincolnshire